Recall Alert: Hyundai Sonata Fuel Leak (Again)

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Hyundai has recalled about 215,000 Sonata sedans from model years 2013 and 2014 to fix a possible fuel line leak. If you own one of these cars, we’ll give you a moment to go outside and scream. Yes, it’s the third fuel line leak recall for some 2013-14 Sonatas.

You still have to get this fixed as soon as possible. Fuel line leaks can mean car fires. If you’ve already brought your Sonata in for one or two prior fuel line recalls, you still need to bring it in for this one.

This time around, it’s the low-pressure fuel line that needs to be replaced. Heat from the engine block can cause it to deteriorate, causing it to crack.

Dealers will replace the fuel line free of charge.

Two Prior Recalls For Fuel Line Leaks

Hyundai recalled some of the same cars last March over the same issue. At the time, dealers didn’t replace every fuel line. Dealers inspected the lines and replaced those with obvious damage. They applied high-heat tape to those without damage.

The tape repair, unsurprisingly, didn’t do the trick in all cases. So dealers will replace every fuel line this time.

Hyundai also recalled some of the same cars to replace their high-pressure fuel lines in 2019. That is a different part, unaffected by this recall.

Recall repairs are always free.

Many cars are recalled at least once, and some are recalled more than once. Manufacturers try to notify every owner but rarely reach them all. Find out if your car has any outstanding recalls using our recall center.

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