Recall Alert: Ford Explorer Roll-Away Risk

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Ford is recalling about a quarter of a million Explorer SUVs from model years 2020 through 2022 because they can roll away while parked.

The recall applies to Explorers, Explorer Hybrids, and Police versions of the SUV.

In documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Ford explains, “Affected vehicles were built with a 3-point mounted axle design. On some units the rear axle horizontal mounting bolt may fracture.” It tends to happen after several “peak torque events,” such as when a driver launches the vehicle by depressing the gas fully from a stop.

When the bolt fractures, the rear axle housing can move out of position. Drivers might hear “loud, grinding, binding, or clunking noises,” Ford says. Once that happens, the transmission can no longer hold the vehicle in park.

Most Explorers come equipped with an electronic parking brake. Setting it will hold the vehicle in park even if the fracture has occurred. But Police editions lack the electronic parking brake.

Ford dealers will correct the defect by installing a new bushing and axle cover on Police models, and on other models by updating software so that the electronic parking brake engages automatically when the vehicle is in park.

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