HondaTrue Used Vehicle Coverage Details

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Most certified used vehicle programs apply to vehicles no more than five or six years old with fewer than 75,000 miles. Honda has a program like that in HondaTrue Certified, but now it also offers added coverage on older vehicles with the HondaTrue Used program.

HondaTrue Used Vehicle Requirements

Any Honda originally purchased less than 10 years ago is eligible for HondaTrue Used certification and coverage. There’s no mileage limit.

Extended Coverage

HondaTrue Used coverage is shorter and simpler than traditional certified vehicle programs. Starting from the day the vehicle is purchased as certified, it’s covered for 100 days or 5,000 miles, whichever comes first. This warranty applies to the powertrain and most of what’s traditionally covered by a new-vehicle limited warranty.

112-Point Inspection

Although a vehicle can be up to 10 years old to qualify for HondaTrue Used certification, it also has to pass a 112-point inspection by a certified Honda technician. Want to know all the details from the inspection? The report is completely digital and can be downloaded by a customer who wants to know of any potential issues or needed fixes.

Roadside Assistance

HondaTrue Used vehicles include one year or 12,000 miles of roadside assistance. Unless you’ve purchased a vehicle from a nearby family member or friendly neighbor, that’s definitely a perk you don’t normally expect on a used car that could be up to 10 years old.

Complimentary Maintenance

One complimentary oil change within one year of purchase is part of the HondaTrue Used program.

Vehicle History Report

Every HondaTrue Used vehicle includes a Carfax report. We recommend obtaining a vehicle history report with any used vehicle purchase, and with HondaTrue Used it’s part of the program.

3-Day Exchange Policy

The same 3-day exchange policy found on Honda’s higher-tier certified programs can also be found on HondaTrue Used cars and trucks. You’ll have three days to return the vehicle — with fewer than 300 new miles — for another certified Honda model in the dealer’s inventory.

Trip Interruption Reimbursement

Should your used Honda experience a mechanical problem while you’re more than 100 miles from home, the HondaTrue Used program can reimburse you for alternate
transportation, food, and accommodations. The program covers up to $100 per day for three days. This coverage is good for one year or 12,000 miles from the date of purchase.

Concierge Service

Also included for one year or 12,000 miles is a concierge service that can assist with emergency services if you’re involved in an accident or need personal items like medication or documents, for instance.

Other HondaTrue Coverage Programs

In addition to HondaTrue Used, the automaker’s extended-coverage portfolio includes the HondaTrue Certified and HondaTrue Certified+ programs. HondaTrue Certified is the automaker’s core certified pre-owned vehicle program. It provides more comprehensive coverage than HondaTrue Used, but is limited to vehicles no more than six years or 80,000 miles beyond their original in-service date. HondaTrue Certified+ is even more exclusive, covering vehicles less than one year or 12,000 miles beyond their initial sale date.

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