GMC Raises Hummer Price By $6,250

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Some of the newer generation of electric trucks aim for affordability — but this doesn’t apply to the GMC Hummer EV. It’s designed for extreme capability and marketed to buyers who are willing to pay to own one of the most powerful and flexible pickups ever designed.

Next year, they’ll need to be willing to pay more.

GMC announced a major price increase for the Hummer this week, with every trim level going up by $6,250. That brings the cheapest Hummer, the EV2, to $84,650. The top-of-the-line EV3X has a $20,000 higher asking price.

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GMC also charges a $1,995 delivery fee on each Hummer EV — one of the highest in the industry.

The price changes, we should note, don’t apply to existing orders. If you’ve already ordered a Hummer, you’ll still pay the price you agreed to when you placed your order. Orders placed after June 18 get the price bump.

They’re also not part of a model-year change. GMC says, rather, that these are “due to the increase in the price of commodity parts.”

The company is building the most expensive trim levels first. The factory is currently completing orders for buyers who purchased the exclusive Edition 1 (now sold out). EV3X buyers can expect their SUVs beginning this fall. GMC expects to deliver the EV2X next spring and the EV2 in 2024.


GMC also charges a mandatory $1,995 delivery fee on all Hummers.

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