Why do gasoline prices continue to rise when crude oil prices are lower?

Why do gasoline prices continue to rise when crude oil prices are lower? Gas stations around the country are experiencing sticker shock due to the ongoing spike in the price of fuel. Apart from the ongoing international conflict, other variables will ensure that gas prices remain at record high levels this year. Many Americans are … Read more

Hanging Out At VDUB Camp Fest

Just as it is across the globe, here in South Africa there’s a massive enthusiast following for the Volkswagen and Audi brands. Those who get into the VW Group scene usually find it hard to leave, often changing out their cars for a newer models or simply adding to the collection. My first car was a Citi Golf and I’m … Read more

No Ship In A Bottle: Project 51 Leaves The Garage

I’ve always found ships in bottles pretty interesting. Builders spend hours creating something that, when completed, can’t be touched or used for anything other than a display piece. And they’re a brilliant sleight-of-hand trick; hinges for the masts are obscured just enough by glass distortion to make it seem as though magic placed the vessel inside its … Read more

Turner’s Customs: A Dusty Motorcycle Menagerie

To non-car-enthusiasts, the umbrella term ‘car’ makes the cut when describing a vehicle, but to an enthusiast you’ve got make, model, color name and sometimes even modification style. For example, a ‘yellow car’ to a normal person is an E36 BMW M3 in Dakar Yellow with a wide-body kit riding with static suspension on BBS … Read more

When One Mercedes-Benz Is Never Enough…

Blakley Leonard is a man who loves Mercedes-Benz. He eats, sleeps and breathes rare examples, most notably pre-merger AMG cars. That is not to say he doesn’t have some other cool models in this collection, but our focus will be directed on Blakley’s AMG and Renntech cars. Currently, most think of AMG as what M is … Read more

BBL x Spoon: Another Legend In The Making

Built By Legends (BBL) is a name you’ve likely heard of before. It was around this time last year that I visited Mine’s to check out BBL’s interpretation of the ultimate BNR32 Nissan Skyline GT-R. As this was happening, the Built By Legends crew already had their next project under the knife. Their 1994 Honda … Read more

A ’90s Legend In Yellow

It plastered the walls of every teenager’s room in the ‘90s, and now those same teens are adults with money. But like so many other performance icons from this era, the E36 M3 been skyrocketing in value of late, and as such, finding a good one for reasonable money is getting harder by the day. Despite its collectability … Read more

Blurring The Lines At Dubshed

There’s a joy in just meeting car people. There’s also joy in standing, ogling at a car’s details and trying to decipher the intention of the owner. Like in an art gallery, every small and unique touch gives a clue to the personality and soul of the piece. They can be real conversation starters too. Standing, passing … Read more

Battle For The Streets: FD Long Beach

Between the car show, the fellow media folk and the crowd, every FD season opener at Long Beach feels a little like a high school reunion. I always try to remember to smell decent, because it’s like a constant hugging session all weekend. It’s this community that makes drifting special. I think it’s worth mentioning … Read more

2023 BMW 7 Series PHEV, M Edition Coming

Yesterday, BMW took the wraps off an over-the-top luxury car – the 2023 7 Series. With a lavish-but-imposing bearing, optional cashmere seats, and more screens than an Apple store, it seemed to be a showcase for everything BMW designers could achieve. But they kept a little in reserve. The company has announced that two more … Read more

Lincoln Star Concept Previews 4 New EVs

Lincoln turns 100 years old this year. For its first 100 years, it built gas-powered cars. But the luxury division of Ford kicks off its second century with plans to go electric. Lincoln this week revealed a concept car meant to inspire the designs of its first four electric vehicles (EVs). Designed for Inspiration, not … Read more

Subaru BRZ Prices Rise Slightly for 2023

The Subaru BRZ is affordable fun. That won’t change for 2023, but in a year when supply chain problems are making every aspect of building a car more expensive, prices will go up slightly. The BRZ is an old-school, rear-wheel-drive “2+2” (two real seats for adults up front, two small seats best suited for children … Read more