2023 Nissan Z Starts at $39,990

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The legendary Nissan Z is back. Three years after Nissan retired the 370Z, the next car to wear the Z nameplate arrives for cheap, 2-seat, stick-shift sports car fun.

Our Micah Muzio was among the first to drive it. After testing it on the track and on roads, he calls it “an alluring package. It has a well-rounded sporting demeanor, ample power,” and “an outstanding value.” He also notes that, despite its track-day prowess, “you could absolutely commute in this.”

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Z History

Nissan has manufactured gorgeous 2-seat sports cars wearing the Z badge since the 1969 Datsun 240Z reached America’s shores. The new one is the first to just be called the Z – like a Batman whose official name was just Bats –and it has a lot of history to live up to. Above all, a Z car needs to bring manageable performance. It needs to be something the average driver can push to its limits, not a monster that requires race-car driver skills for fun (Nissan builds the GT-R for that).

A Z needs to be a blast at commute speeds and have a middle-class price.

Prices The Same for Manual, Automatic

Early reviews say the new Z gets the first part of that equation right – perhaps with more refinement than any of its ancestors. The second? It squeaks in under the $40,000 line. It also undercuts its most logical rival, the Toyota GR Supra, which carries a $43,290 sticker.

The least-expensive Z starts at $39,990 – Muzio calls it “a damn good price for a 400-horsepower car.” Prices climb to nearly $53,000 depending on trim.

Every trim level uses the same 400-horsepower twin-turbo V6. The Z is available with a 6-speed manual or 9-speed automatic transmission. Nissan charges the same price for either gearbox.

Springing for the Performance trim adds a mechanical limited-slip differential for tighter handling, performance tires, bigger brakes, and a retuned exhaust system. A Proto Spec trim, available in limited numbers at launch, adds yellow brake calipers, leather seats with yellow accents, and suede and cloth door trim with yellow stitching.  Nissan will build only 240.


Nissan also charges a mandatory $1,025 destination fee on every Z.

Z Coupe Sport

Z Coupe Performance

Z Coupe Proto Spec


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