2023 BMW 7 Series PHEV, M Edition Coming

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Yesterday, BMW took the wraps off an over-the-top luxury car – the 2023 7 Series. With a lavish-but-imposing bearing, optional cashmere seats, and more screens than an Apple store, it seemed to be a showcase for everything BMW designers could achieve.

But they kept a little in reserve.

The company has announced that two more 7 Series models are on the way. Both will come to the U.S later in the 2023 model year. Pricing isn’t available yet. The base 7 Series starts a little over $93,000, though both of these will likely come at a significant premium.

Plug-in Hybrid Version

The 750e xDrive is a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) edition of the new 7 Series. BMW hasn’t revealed U.S. specifications for the model. But the company did publish details on a European version, and with cars in the super-luxury class, there are rarely significant differences from one continent to another.

The 750e xDrive uses a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engine mated to an electric motor for a combined 490 horsepower. It has an electric-only range of up to 57 miles in European testing, but Euro tests almost always result in higher numbers than American testing. Expect a number in the mid-30 range – still enough for the average driver to treat the 750e xDrive like an electric car most days, using gasoline only for longer trips.

Electric M Model

The other new version is something altogether different. BMW’s famed M performance division will get its hands on the top-of-the-line 7 Series. This time, they’ll build a fully electric high-performance car.

The i7 M70 xDrive has “well over 600 horsepower,” BMW says, and gets from 0-60 mph with a supercar-like time of “under 4.0 seconds.” Those numbers, however, will come courtesy of a temporary power boost available at the touch of a button. In everyday driving, you’ll have to settle for a little less than 600 horsepower.

The M edition also gets a revised front fascia with black trim elements not found on the standard 7. We’ll have to wait for more details on what the M division has done to the big, sumptuous beast.

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